Saturday, September 15, 2007

Special Birthday without my Peishan

Well, birthday again this year. Seem very closed to the last birthday I had. 1 year is damn fast. Err... Still remember what I wear last birthday, and what gift from colleagues, then dinner in Mache with my Peishan, and all the gifts given by Peishan, and those photos taken in Commonwealth.

A lot of people to thank this years. Hehe. Vishnu, Weiling, Cynthia, Peicheng, Simon. Vishnu sabo me to bite the candle out which dug very deep in the cake. Weiling took a video on it. Funny... We had a drink in KL apartment. A really special night. Peicheng took a lot of photos of me. very horny i can say =D Want to have a look ? Can request from her. =P She treated me Starbuck cake in KLIA. very nice. =D

Then again, Huixian and Peiling treated me Nanten Ramen. nice nice, had some chit chat, an enjoyable night. Thanks for the Cake ya! Then finally Kian, gosh, he is engaged for the work, ended up meet at 10, was 9. Then he brought me to Junction 8. He even thinking to buy G2000 shirts for me, but lucky the shop is closed. haha. Next time la. Then at the end , he brought me home to Tampines. Sui Orh... Haha. We nearly lost.

Then thanks those who message me. Got some misunderstand between me and Erna. Haha. Thought the mystery number was from June. Oooppss...

My family and Peishan's family are very nice to me too. =)

Don't know why recently, maybe really get tied up by works, so feeling really really touch what has been done by them all. =) Hehe... Or because of Peishan not by my side? =(

Ok, 28th Sep is coming. Finally i got my Visa to China in KL. Yeah... Peishan and Shanghai, I am coming!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

First Shaver (Philips) In My Life

Oh yeah, finally get a shaver for myself. It's Philips HQ6070. Because heard that there is Mega Sales in Courts. So, went to Tampines Mall Courts to have a look. Thinking to buy Braun brand shaver. But there is only Philips shaver in Courts. Unbelievable, right? Grrr.. no choice.

Never mind, last time, also bought a Philips Shaver for my Dad as his Father's Day gift. So, think that Philips wont be so bad. =) So, now I have Philips 190CW LCD Widescreen Monitor and Philips HQ6070 Shaver. Moreover, there are Philips 34inch TV in my JB house plus my father gift. Hehe.

First time using it, feeling my skin got little hurt, maybe I am not used to it. Then my Peishan said that I should put some water on my skin, or apply some soup on it before use the shaver. Ya. that's the case.

Front. There is a battery power indicator
The back. Designed in Holland, made in China. Yeah !
Shaver and Mouse comparison. Haha. What a compare.

Initially thinking to buy a Shaver below SGD50, there saw one cost 15+, but operated in AA battery and not water proof. so, chose a 45.9, at least water proof. But ends up buying this one. Which is chargeable, just like normal phone charger. Plug and Play =) It costs me 69.90.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Terminal one, Budget Terminal and Terminal Two

Peishan just back from Shanghai last Friday. Oh yeah. Very happy and happy. Finally after 3 months plus, both of us meet again. But happy hours past really fast. Soon, she went back to Shanghai past Wednesday. Miss her so much.

So, what happen on Wednesday really interesting. Sent Peishan off in Terminal One, then sent my Papa, Aunt and Uncles off to Shenzhen in Budget Terminal, they taking Tiger Airways. Finally sent myself off to Malaysia Kuala Lumpur in Terminal Two. Haha.

Going to Budget Terminal, need to take Free Shuttle Bus from Terminal Two Basement. Frequency about 30mins. I slept while waiting for bus to set off that day. Too tired. Woke up at 6am that day, and straight away go to SG office. Lucky that day no jam. All very smooth.

Hm, looking forward to flying to Shanghai next month. Really. Consider it as our pre-Honeymoon honeymoon. Hehe.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Let's get directed to FeedBurner !

Cool, just get the information from ProBlogger that offer redirect of Feed. Which eventually you can redirect all your feed to Feed Server such as FeedBurner.

So, you can get all the statistic on how many subscriber you have for you blog, etc. Should this be the first integration done for FeedBurner and

Let's just get redirected to FeedBurner for all the Blogger users =)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Doraemon and me

Last Saturday just went to Johor Bahru City Square to watch Transformers. It's really nice movie. Some shoots are taken very very nice, especially Optimus Prime and Megatron go through the building. Looking for episode 2 =)

Oh yeah, found a gift shop somewhere in 3rd floor. The things sold, you can get easily in Singapore. Seem like first time I see it in JB.

Yeah, Doraemon, My Peishan's favourite, Hehe. He's born in September, same with me =)

Kissing the Doraemon! You can't run away, hiak hiak hiak

Friday, July 06, 2007

Past and Today's life comparison

Not sure how everyone think now. My life now seem like most of the time are given to play around with computer. Have been very long time never do any exercise or sports.

  • Newspaper
So, when I am still studying in Foon Yew High School, every night, I will grab the newspaper and read it. First, only interested in Sports and Entertainment and Tech (tech news only available on every Wednesday that time). Then slowly, read all the news, except those Long article =)

But now, because of Google News + Google Reader, I can just get what info I need through this two services. Ok, all using computer.

  • Movie and Drama
Movie? When I was very young, parents will bring me to Cinema. After pirated VCD came out, just buy the vcd. Cheap and can watch many times. But then, after some while, will demand higher quality vcd to be released. Haha. Then now, DVD, and BD and HDDVD are coming.

Always watch Drama filmed by Mediacorp, think that time is called TCS. But when Meteor Garden was out and getting more chances to watch HongKong drama, then just 'fall in love' to Taiwan and Hongkong Drama.

Now, because of Bit Torrent, anyone can easily grab high quality DVD releases and able to catch Taiwan or Hongkong Drama that taking very long time to be broadcasted in Singapore. And we even catch watch in Youtube. This depends on Computer Technologies again.

  • Phone
Did I hear anyone saying Skype or Google Talk ? Yup, sooner, computer and internet will change a lot of things. We will see. And that's what Google coming for.

Aiks, because of this, my time spent on computer is increasing a lot. Watching anime and manga also depend on My Computer. Working have to face the LCD screen for more than 10 hours. Maybe in future, Eye Specialist can get pretty earning eh. =)

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

How's life so far in Kuala Lumpur ?

Have been in KL for new Project for more than 2 weeks. Still not get used to it. But one good thing is that not need face the couple in Commonwealth. Haha =) Let me jealous oh, Since my Peishan is in Shanghai leh.

  • Cough every night, about after 9.30pm, till the time I sleep. What the... not sure what's the cause. But it wont happen when I back to SG or JB. weird eh. Suspect it's because the water here that cause the problem. 
  • Not managed to sleep before 12.00am every day. Hehe. The working hour here is longer. Good? Maybe, so got more time to do my work. But, it's my first time involved in Project Delivery, need to meet deadline, meet customer, prepare document/excel sheet/presentation/minutes, etc. No chance to do this in Operations work. Challenging eh.
  • Variety of food to enjoy. No more Amoy's fixed menu. But miss the food in Amoy. When will I stationed in SG again ? not sure. no fixed date. 

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Good Bye Commonwealth

Oh my goodness, house lord decided to sell her house, and give us 2 months of grace period to move out from it. Grrr... So cruel for me at this crucial timing.

It is market so good ? Think so, we had once asked house lord to come to the house. Planned to ask for Rental price cut because my Peishan go to Shanghai, so there will be 3 of us sharing the rental. But she said that time the market is good, for that house, rental maybe can up to 1200 - 1300. Lucky she never add anything to our 1000 rental, grrrr, we still thinking of cutting price. Haha.

She that time got told us she got plan to sell the house and buy a new house in Thiong Bahru. But her brother Eric said that all new HDB are quite small in Singapore nowadays. So, might not go ahead with the plan. We just relieved for 2 months, they she told us to prepare to move. Who knows? Yiak.

Last time Darren mentioned over the renting in his blog, now is my turn to looking for new house. Need to discuss with Emily what's next this Friday. Still in KL now doing the new Project. Very very busy, because timing very tight, and need to take care of the Previous Project.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Bedroom Interior Design

This year just bought a house in JB, under my and my mum name. The Taman's name is Adda Heights (by Southern Gateway). Just beside my Taman now, Taman Daya.

Ok, the developer said the building will be finish constructed around end of this year. Cost about 200+K in Ringgit. One of the bedrooms going to be my and Peishan bedroom oh. Hehe. But Peishan currently in Shanghai, so she has asked me to design the bedroom.

Hmm, so what's should be the theme color ? Thinking of combination Red, White, Brown and Skyblue. Let's see some photos and pictures.

White + Green, the wall paper quite nice.3D Image. It has a nice carpet + 'inserted-style' bed. Not bad oh.
White + red + brown. Is that a carpet ? Or just that part is made by wood. the curtain really nice. But don't think will be applicable for my bedroom. Hehe.

So, some concrete plan: Carpet, white color bedsheet, LCD/Plasma TV/Monitor, some nice lights. Looking forward to it. =)

Monday, June 11, 2007

Tribute to Space farewell

Last farewell in Integro last week, it's hold on Friday, for Mr Space. Hehe.

Very sad that he's leaving, we have been playing all the time during lunch, tea time, etc. Really sayang that no chance to work with him, as he's doing another project, else I think will be great fun.

We had his farewell lunch in Pastamania, our boss also joining us. We have some dirty-joke laughter, together with, Space, Kian, Alvis and Mark. Really really funny. And we had spaghetti, garlic bread and pizza for the lunch. Very very full that day o...

Space seem like doesnt like my kiss... Hahaha...
Kian, me and Space.
Hahahah.... Ganma got a nice shot... Me, space and Vinci.

So, is there anymore farewell in Integro? Yup, i think... We will see around the end of this month. Turnover rate so high. How come?

Friday, June 08, 2007

One Man Dinner and Air Ticket to Shanghai

Space is leaving Integro =( so sad... We bought a teddy bear for him, Zenn Gan Ma got the idea. And teddy bear's name is Spacey, wearing fire fighter suit. Hahaha... Very suitable for him as he always put off the 'fire' created in a Project. =)

Reached home before 730pm today. Then read some company mails, feeling troubled. Not because of production issue, but some change request thingy. Lucky I'm still in SG coming Monday. Hope can solve it asap. Not wish to drag for so long time.

Then bath, wash clothes, prepare dinner. Because of the mails, not feeling happy or excited at all when preparing the dinner. Just lost. Hmm, since like long time I have not been in such situation. So quickly, after the dinner, investigate... So, made myself mind prepared for what should do on Monday.

Ok, everything is in my mind now. Just storm the front!

My dinner, Luncheon meat (as promised yesterday) and cabbage. Hehe. Finally the Indo dried noodle.

When preparing dried noodle, must get the noodle to soaked in cold water after cooked, then put back into hot water. So it will feel good (Q) when u bite it. Just like biting jelly. Haha.. Over exaggerated. Ok, if any asking, that girl is Victora Beckam, cause of her husband, ex-Manchester United no 7 going to develop his 'late age' career in Los Angelos, she wish to be a Movie Star there (as stated in the Mypaper free newspaper).

The air ticket ! Finally, got the air ticket to go to Shanghai. Will alight at Shanghai Pudong International Airport. Will be second time to go to China after business trip to China's Beijing last August :) I will going at 28 Sep till 7 Oct. Hope I can really enjoy it. My Peishan, I'm coming o ~

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Some Photos From Past Farewells and Future

Taken using my Fat 6, Nokia 6600. =)

Fiona's farewell gift, a musical box. Bought from Vivocity by Suli. The man at the back, Kian is sitting at her table now. Hahaha... Finally we are reunion after 1 and a half years =) We made some nice joke that will let others think dirty. But we managed to turn it back to correct track. Lucky. Haha.
Ok, she is Emily la ... Flower bought by Muichoo, another girl (or lady) who left after Emily. Errr... Oh gosh, didnt manage to take any photo. Kian should has her photo in his blog.

All the best to all the person who left Integro. Actually, the ex-integro list in my Yahoo IM is increasing, over 40+ since I joined the company in Jan 2005. Terrible? Hmm... Talk about this another time.

Tomorrow (8 Jun) is Space's farewell. Again! 2 farewells in one week! Gosh. Ok, put some photos for the memorial of Space. May the Space be with you, Space. =(

Hahaha, nice ? Guess where I take it ?

What's the meal in the menu today?

Ok, Kian complained to me my blog just like another blog of Grace's sister, talking about food. Right now, the topic is still about food. Haha. Maybe next time change topic. How about talking about slimming. Hehe =)

Tonight's dinner is prepared by Emily. She told my Peishan about the dinner things. My Peishan just stop her straight away, cause she can't taste it. So poor, I really wish to prepare dinner for her. Already promised her, we will prepare a meal together when I'm going visit her in October. Yeah. Faster faster faster... Not sure whether I can get some nice food in Shanghai, then prepare a nice meal to Peishan. Hehe. I need Malaysia local food.

Jarod went to camping in Ubin. It's a leadership event. Got climbing, some programs can join. Since like, I has not been to Ubin for 5-6 years already. Wow, long time. And got some big changes told by Emily. Hope got the chance to go again. :)

So, what's tonight dinner. 'Mi Tai Mak'/'Lao Shu Fen' Soup. It's Short Rice Noodles in English. Short noodles that made of rice :) And what's inside the soup. Cabbage, crab stick, vegetarian meat and egg. Nice oh. I finished all of it, include the soup, not include the bowl. Haha.

Mine ... Look nice ?

What's the plan for tomorrow's dinner. Got the plan already. Hehe. Got cabbage, egg, and luncheon meat, should not worry so much. Haha.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Tofu in the Soup with Carrot and 'Abalone Mushroom'

Oh ? Blog about food again ? Yeah ..! Today is Wednesday. Has been preparing for dinner from Sunday till today, four days. =) I believe that home-made meal is healthy, because less oil, less salt, no Ajinomoto. And I like to cook. Dream of become chef one day, in restaurant. Emily likes to be in a Cafe.

Today, I prepared the dinner. Jarod helped to prepare the soup and white rice =p Today nearly can't think of 3rd dish. Thinking whether to put Abalone Mushroom into Soup or fried with minced pork. At the end, decided to put it in the soup. So soup got more food =p

So how about the minced pork ? standalone? since it's best companion, (which i believe) tofu is going along with Abalone Mushroom. Hehe... A bulb come out, cook it together with vegetarian meat ball. So? must make a creative dish. I fried the minced pork like meat ball. Hehe... Then put them together.

Resulted that Emily thought we having vegetarian foods today. Haha. The soup is nice, after the add-in of Abalone mushroom. Hehe. very sweet also with the carrot.

Going to have Wednesday dinner
Take a photo. So the upper left is the mixture of Real meat and Fake meat. Hahaha. Look alike eh...

Jarod going to Ubin for 3 days tomorrow. So how about our next night dinner? Let Emily think of it. Hehe. Maybe will pack food. oh no... how i wish i can cook. But need buy food. Just for 2 days, Thurs and Fri.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Minced Pork Tofu with Spinach and Otah

As usual, we cook again. I went to Tiong Bahru's fair price to get all the food. Then went back home to prepare the dish. Only preparing the Otah, because just put into boiling water to let it steamed. Hahaha...

Oh ? Where is another pair of Spoon and fork ? Hehe ...
Minced pork with Tofu, Otah, Spinach with Carrot. Spinach very nice. Feeling like a Popeye after eating. Haha.
Ok, the person who showing the V, Jarod is today's chef. hehe. Emily not feeling well today after riding bus. Errr... So terrible ? She vomited o ! Ooops... Don't think much.

Yet Another Farewell in Integro

Head count deducted by one in Integro today =(

Here come the Leading Actress. Suli ! Having her Pan Grilled Catch of the day sth sth... Haha. Well, saw a chocolate color ball kind of things ? Just on the sliced lemon. That's Beef Meat Ball. She didnt finish it. Grrrr...
Farewell gift. A hamster, bought by Zenn. =) Kian said just about 1-2 weeks old. Hope he doesnt get the treat like Suli's Guppies. Body of one of guppies in the soil of my plant !
The farewell card. Suli written by me. Other drawing by Lini. She is really good in drawing. Got fish, sloggy plant, bee, and Cookies, Chocolate, candy which Suli like the most =p

Monday, June 04, 2007

Cheese Tofu in Japanese Curry

Who's that? Yeah. Jarod, Emily's boyfriend. Preparing white rice for us (include me). Hehe.. So, what's today's food ? Luncheon Meat, Cabbage with Slice Carrot, Samba little fish and Cheese Tofu in Japanese Curry. Of course, the iron is not included =p

Close look. Actually, intend to put slice fish cake, fish ball and meat ball into that Japanese Curry. But all 'spoilt', got a heavy smell. Should put them into freeze area. Aiks... Wasted. Ok, all food are prepared by Emily. Very nice =)

Those are last Friday dinner. Hmm, today Emily cook again. And I burnt my finger because of hot wok cover. Grrr.. very hurt. Immediately apply Aloe Vera Gel. Ouch ouch...

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Beck is really back !

Source: TeamtalkCool. Did watch the replay of the friendly match between England and Brazil on Saturday.

Really a long time never watch Beckham playing soccer, I mean for me. =p Due to his recent great form in La Liga, McClaren recalled him for the England. Got some good pin-point passes from him, but lack a bit of luck, Owen can't manage to finish it.

Really don't know why Gerrard must partner with Lampard. In this match, Gerrard did some good defense, Lampard, well, made some successful pass. Other than that, I really can't see both of them can cooperate well, like Scholes and Carrick in ManUtd. They just cant get the ball to forward. On the left, Joe Cole seem like lack of form before he injured. Not good enough in Chelsea and also England. Lucky, Shorey did help him up.

Brown, as a substitution for Captain, made a 'impact' to England. Alves, Dutch League Top scorer, nearly scored because of Brown's poor awareness. Seem like there is a limit for him to grow in ManUtd and England. Do something ...

If not of the decent form of Beckham, don't think England can get a single goal. Good luck for coming match on Wednesday. =)

Friday, June 01, 2007

Least, Greatest vs Sign, Decode in Oracle

SELECT DECODE(SIGN(30-40), -1, 30, 40) FROM DUAL;

So, what does this piece of SQL query mean?

SIGN(x) = 1 where x > 0
SIGN(x) = -1 where x < 0
SIGN(x) = 0 where x = 0

So, the above result is 30. Ok, what if 30 is not just 30 and 40 is not just 40, where 30 and 40 are very long expression. What the SQL query will look like? And you need to maintain it. Insane. And really admire previous developer's work. The query is very very long. Then just found out what he/she intend to do.

Ya, you are right, the query is to find which is the Smallest number. So is there any Function can achieve such great work ? Yes, Least and Greatest.

Finally, the query become like this:

LEAST(10, 20, 50, 70) = 10
LEAST('10', '2', '3', '7') = 10


Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Gatherings in Vesak Day

Happy Vesak Day to everyone =)

But my Peishan doesnt have such Public Holiday in China Shanghai. Too bad, cant accompany her in IM at morning till Night. Because ...

Morning : Meet up with Chang Yeh, Good friends since from Foonyew
Evening : Gathering in Jui Hung's house.
Night : Meet up with Mui Choo, together with Emily and Jarod in Settlers

Quite happening, but resulted will be more tired than working. Haha. but very happy can meet with so many friends. Sad that cant accompany Peishan in IM. 呜呜呜(crying sound)

Kian so shiok, can go to Malaysia (Friday). See you on Monday la. =)

Oh ya, there is PC Show in Suntec City from 31 May to 3 June. Enjoy. Thinking of buying a new Hard Disk (maybe 250G) and Card Reader. Enjoy.

Writing Code for Easy Testing

As a developer, what kind of code are going to write? A code that easy readable? A code that is easy maintainable ? Well, I think, writing a code that is easy for testing come first =)

Actually a code that is easy for testing also meaning that piece of code is easy to read, easy to maintain. Recently encounter such situation...

[Big] a very big service object
[Serv] a service object
[Abstr] a abstract object
[Conc] family of [Abstr], meaning [Conc] can use all feature in [Abstr]

To fulfill a hug task, [Big] -> [Serv] -> [Abstr] -> [Conc]

Not all methods in [Serv] are exposed to [Big] , meaning [Serv] will do itself in it's context, but it depends something from [Big].

[Conc] and [Abstr] is really a terrible "couple". Some methods in [Conc] will call methods in [Abstr], even worse that [Abstr] might call back to [Conc] in the same method!

So, when going to test a very very small task. Need to understand all this 4 Classes! Should it be just need to understand [Conc] is enough? Today, thinking of testing that very very small task, so need to write a new [NewConc] that based on [Conc], but found out that this 4 Classes are very dependable, So give up. Yiak.

Come out a plan to Revamp whole things ? Well... All because of that [Big] thing. Which is also used by others NOT similar [Serv] object. So give up also.

So, write a code that is really really easy to test is Top priority. =)

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

20 days between Shanghai and Singapore

Well, it's has been more than 20 days, I and Peishan separated from each other. :'(

I'm of course in Singapore, she in Shanghai now. Yes, you are right. China's Shanghai. As a Sourcing specialist for HiP Internation Ltd , a Manufacturing company. She will station there for 1 year! Yes, that's for 365 days! Oh my god, some of friends feeling happy for me, as I will become temporary bachelor. Hmm... Some feeling sad for me. Yup, I will not be happy for that actually.

Start from very very beginning of our love journey, she's been helping me on the small small things. Such as tidy up the room, table, my personal things (include underwear, oopps, actually is like wallet, handphone, etc), a lot more which I don't like to take care. Hehe. But she will scold me for messing up! my goodness! I really not dare to touch anymore of my wallet or handphone after reach home when she's still around. Haha. Who will love to kena scolded ?

I like to cook. Dreaming of become a chef one day. Probably at 50 years old? Hehe. These 20 days, has been cooking for quite couple of days, really wish to cook for Peishan to feed her full full (喂到饱饱). Really miss the days she's here, and I cooking for her. Gotta wait for 1 year. Another 11 months and 9 days to go :) still counting down.

So, what's the plan ? Yup, plan to fly to Shanghai and visit Peishan. Yes, I'm going to book a air ticket around this week. Plan to fly to look for her on October, 1st week. It's Golden Week in China, 1 week public holidays in China. It's Independent Day.

Next plan, I'm probably flying to Malaysia to work on Alliance Bank Project. Well, a good start for me, Cause wish to apply some of my 'advanced knowledge'. And wish the project can be done well, so wont create 'Dang' for Support team. Am a support team member for Stanchart Project.

Therefore, I am maybe somehow 100 - 300 km nearer to Peishan. Haha. Wish us all the best :)

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Computer new life

Oh Yeah. Something changed to my computer's life. Speakers, Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse get replaced ! Mircolab's 2.1 Speakers, with wooden Sub-Woofer. Logitech's keyboard and G1 Mouse. Finally, Philips 190CW, 19inch widescreen LCD monitor. Cool eh.

Well, basically, all in BLACK color, only the webcam is in white color. Planning to paint it with the black one, can do it ? Hehe... And the CPU casing is no more white, but Yellow, has been 6 years be with me. I didnt take the photo. Haha...

New 'layout', Everything are moved to a new place. Bigger, clean table. There is a white DVD bags on the tables. Tons of movies are inside, hehe...

The wooden woofer, and the pictures, My honey going to China soon, gonna miss her very very very very much!
Complete Look
The old Samsung 17inch CRT monitor. Who want it? 6 years with me also. The picture become not so clear anymore, very hard to look at single word, got blur effect.

The thing get abandoned by me also has Creative Speakers, Microsoft keyboard which also 6 years with me. The speakers simply spoilt already, need to adjust the wire, turn left or right, then can get the sound balance. Keyboard just too yellow, and my honey doesnt like it at all. Sorry dude. Rest in peace. The logitech white mouse still with me, hehe. Just 3 years old. Not sure what I can do with it.

Bon voyage !

Monday, February 12, 2007

Best Windows IE 7 Companion

Yeah, have been searching for a useful add-on for IE 7 like adblock plus, tabmix plus in Firefox, finally get this from Majorgeeks. Well, it is really a nice add-on, give it a try. Just download, then install, then restart IE7, notice the icon at the right bottom ;)

HaHaHa Clip

Hahaha clip from YouTube, approaching 10M views ! Enjoy !

Sunday, January 28, 2007

One Kitty Lost ! ! !

Well, there is the mum at the right hand side, 6 kittens are with their Big Brother sleeping there. Hm, that day is rainy day, not heavy one =)
Yeah, left hand top corner is their big brother (1st generation), and there are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 kittys ! Where is the 7th ?? My mum told me, it died just the day before. Poor, it's the smallest size one, struggling for 2 days, and died. Really poor, even it's mum ignore it. Then my dad told me, too many kittens, no chance/time to take care of it also. aiks... it's its fate. Bye smallest kitty.
One of the white kittens, blue eye !
4 of them, and the other 2 ...
Milky time ... Haha. Seem like their mum become fatter. Ooops.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Space and Cats

Space, this is for you ! Gotcha !
The cats born in my mum shop, at 7th Dec 2006, if not wrong. How many cats are there?! There is one cat, which it's one eye kena scratched by another cat, it's gone and blind, the one at the bottom, smallest size.
There are 7 cats! 2 white, 5 grey color.

btw, Space not equals to cats =)

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Dumb Dumb

3rd Jan 2007 was my parent's 25th Wedding Anniversary. Yeah.

So, that day my dad has called me and brother for the dinner. Intended to stay in SG over the weekend but Dad said try my best to back. So, Saturday, I and PeiShan back to Malaysia after doing some personal stuff.

Yeah, dinner. Fish, Chicken, Pork, Vege, and Indo Prawn, everything is very nice, especially the fish. It's 红鱼 (Red Fish). After that, Brother (without his GF) suggested to go go Jaya Jusco. Ended up we watched Night at the Museum. Nice movie. 'Dumb Dumb' is from this movie.

*Updated* Before we going to watch the movie, we went to read some book about 'Feng Shui', just know that 82's Doggie is very good in the coming Piggy Year, promotion, pay rise, marriage. Wah ... There are so many 82's doggie, will I be the one to get such fortune, Haha... After that, we went to Starbuck. Mum said Mocha is just too normal, and the place too crowded. Errr...

Has been long time we never celebrate the anniversary, and also has been a long long long time we never watch movie together. Last movie, if I am not wrong, was Batman and Robin (watched in Holiday Plaza, cinema has vanished), Heehee, miss that moments. Dad said when we were young, is he brought us to go for movie, now, we should bring them for the movie. Yes, it's really long time whole family never go for somewhere for relax or holiday. So, should do that often, else when the time we are like my parents, kids will just dump us in the home.

This blog is dedicated for the family.