Sunday, September 02, 2007

First Shaver (Philips) In My Life

Oh yeah, finally get a shaver for myself. It's Philips HQ6070. Because heard that there is Mega Sales in Courts. So, went to Tampines Mall Courts to have a look. Thinking to buy Braun brand shaver. But there is only Philips shaver in Courts. Unbelievable, right? Grrr.. no choice.

Never mind, last time, also bought a Philips Shaver for my Dad as his Father's Day gift. So, think that Philips wont be so bad. =) So, now I have Philips 190CW LCD Widescreen Monitor and Philips HQ6070 Shaver. Moreover, there are Philips 34inch TV in my JB house plus my father gift. Hehe.

First time using it, feeling my skin got little hurt, maybe I am not used to it. Then my Peishan said that I should put some water on my skin, or apply some soup on it before use the shaver. Ya. that's the case.

Front. There is a battery power indicator
The back. Designed in Holland, made in China. Yeah !
Shaver and Mouse comparison. Haha. What a compare.

Initially thinking to buy a Shaver below SGD50, there saw one cost 15+, but operated in AA battery and not water proof. so, chose a 45.9, at least water proof. But ends up buying this one. Which is chargeable, just like normal phone charger. Plug and Play =) It costs me 69.90.

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