Saturday, September 15, 2007

Special Birthday without my Peishan

Well, birthday again this year. Seem very closed to the last birthday I had. 1 year is damn fast. Err... Still remember what I wear last birthday, and what gift from colleagues, then dinner in Mache with my Peishan, and all the gifts given by Peishan, and those photos taken in Commonwealth.

A lot of people to thank this years. Hehe. Vishnu, Weiling, Cynthia, Peicheng, Simon. Vishnu sabo me to bite the candle out which dug very deep in the cake. Weiling took a video on it. Funny... We had a drink in KL apartment. A really special night. Peicheng took a lot of photos of me. very horny i can say =D Want to have a look ? Can request from her. =P She treated me Starbuck cake in KLIA. very nice. =D

Then again, Huixian and Peiling treated me Nanten Ramen. nice nice, had some chit chat, an enjoyable night. Thanks for the Cake ya! Then finally Kian, gosh, he is engaged for the work, ended up meet at 10, was 9. Then he brought me to Junction 8. He even thinking to buy G2000 shirts for me, but lucky the shop is closed. haha. Next time la. Then at the end , he brought me home to Tampines. Sui Orh... Haha. We nearly lost.

Then thanks those who message me. Got some misunderstand between me and Erna. Haha. Thought the mystery number was from June. Oooppss...

My family and Peishan's family are very nice to me too. =)

Don't know why recently, maybe really get tied up by works, so feeling really really touch what has been done by them all. =) Hehe... Or because of Peishan not by my side? =(

Ok, 28th Sep is coming. Finally i got my Visa to China in KL. Yeah... Peishan and Shanghai, I am coming!

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