Friday, July 06, 2007

Past and Today's life comparison

Not sure how everyone think now. My life now seem like most of the time are given to play around with computer. Have been very long time never do any exercise or sports.

  • Newspaper
So, when I am still studying in Foon Yew High School, every night, I will grab the newspaper and read it. First, only interested in Sports and Entertainment and Tech (tech news only available on every Wednesday that time). Then slowly, read all the news, except those Long article =)

But now, because of Google News + Google Reader, I can just get what info I need through this two services. Ok, all using computer.

  • Movie and Drama
Movie? When I was very young, parents will bring me to Cinema. After pirated VCD came out, just buy the vcd. Cheap and can watch many times. But then, after some while, will demand higher quality vcd to be released. Haha. Then now, DVD, and BD and HDDVD are coming.

Always watch Drama filmed by Mediacorp, think that time is called TCS. But when Meteor Garden was out and getting more chances to watch HongKong drama, then just 'fall in love' to Taiwan and Hongkong Drama.

Now, because of Bit Torrent, anyone can easily grab high quality DVD releases and able to catch Taiwan or Hongkong Drama that taking very long time to be broadcasted in Singapore. And we even catch watch in Youtube. This depends on Computer Technologies again.

  • Phone
Did I hear anyone saying Skype or Google Talk ? Yup, sooner, computer and internet will change a lot of things. We will see. And that's what Google coming for.

Aiks, because of this, my time spent on computer is increasing a lot. Watching anime and manga also depend on My Computer. Working have to face the LCD screen for more than 10 hours. Maybe in future, Eye Specialist can get pretty earning eh. =)


paikia said...

yo... I have been subscribing your blog on my Google Reader! haha..

Do you knonw China could not able to visit web site :(. I just climb over their firewall to leave you a msg. ^_^

Chong Jun Yong said...

ya. China block Need to use anonymous helper web to come in :)

I also subscribed to your blog in my Google Reader . Hehe