Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Long time no blog

Ok, gotta admit that I long time never post a blog, err, well, i like my blog content to have photo, but finding hard time to take one, shit. finally, under spell of En Hui, we got a chance to take group photo of Operation Department. Yeah.

As follows :

Preparation (think only 8 persons looking at the lens, hehe)

Formal A (Kim is very cute, :), well, Mark is half blocked, aiya)

Formal B (err, something block the camera lens, just nicely cut Kim's head.)

Informal (wahahah, kian said i like a lion, what the ! Look at Jui Hung and MC's look. Well, now Kim is totally cut! Haha, not by blocker ;P)

Bye Bye Jui Hung, Pei Ling and MC. will miss you three always ... (in my dream, whoopps)