Sunday, April 22, 2007

Computer new life

Oh Yeah. Something changed to my computer's life. Speakers, Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse get replaced ! Mircolab's 2.1 Speakers, with wooden Sub-Woofer. Logitech's keyboard and G1 Mouse. Finally, Philips 190CW, 19inch widescreen LCD monitor. Cool eh.

Well, basically, all in BLACK color, only the webcam is in white color. Planning to paint it with the black one, can do it ? Hehe... And the CPU casing is no more white, but Yellow, has been 6 years be with me. I didnt take the photo. Haha...

New 'layout', Everything are moved to a new place. Bigger, clean table. There is a white DVD bags on the tables. Tons of movies are inside, hehe...

The wooden woofer, and the pictures, My honey going to China soon, gonna miss her very very very very much!
Complete Look
The old Samsung 17inch CRT monitor. Who want it? 6 years with me also. The picture become not so clear anymore, very hard to look at single word, got blur effect.

The thing get abandoned by me also has Creative Speakers, Microsoft keyboard which also 6 years with me. The speakers simply spoilt already, need to adjust the wire, turn left or right, then can get the sound balance. Keyboard just too yellow, and my honey doesnt like it at all. Sorry dude. Rest in peace. The logitech white mouse still with me, hehe. Just 3 years old. Not sure what I can do with it.

Bon voyage !


阿陈 said...

Your room so white with the Black System of your very stand out dude.

Anyway got name your new System or not? All system need to be named so that you can work better with them (At least it work for me).

Mine is named "Crystal", following the name of my Dream Girl (Oops dun let my wife know about it).

So what is yours?

Alle said...

omg.. "rest in peace"? :o U got carcass in ur room.. Rest in peace too, my fishie(sssss).