Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Long Time No Back

Oh no... Kian long time no back already. Let me count, i think about more than 2-3 weeks we have not seen each other. Haha. Last time we chat in msn, told him that we go quite far for the lunch, such as Golden Shoe, Tanjong Pagar, Maxwell, he angry till buey tahan. lol.

I also still need to wait some times then can move to Ops Office. Maybe Sept ? after the new release is in Production... Then I and Kian decide to back together at that time, and celebrate our birthday as well ! haha... This is funny :)

Ok. Enjoy your life. My future wife, Pei Shan going to finish her LAST final exam in next week 26th Apr. Then she wont suffer for the exam and study anymore. Yeah. So happy about it. Then I also wont be disturbed by her for her study and exam, hehe :p

Need new Windows Visual Stlye ? Try -Kol's aes

Some tweak can be done. Some button, like button in webpage in FireFox, the text color is black.

Preview :

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Well, where is the Sorting ?

Hmm.. What is the sorting algorithm used in the EPL tables in Soccernet Homepage ? Is this the first time you encounter ? Haha, Btw, ManUtd number one, am very happy about this !

Still got 7pts ! Hope Chelsea will slip in the remaining 5 matches. Remember, MU and Chelsea still will face each other in Stamford Bridge this end of month.


Trillion Ringgit Bill For ONE Telephone Line !

From New Straits Times - Malaysia

PENDANG, KEDAH: A meat importer had a shock when he received a hefty telephone bill — for RM800 trillion.

Yahaya Wahab, 63, said a debt-collection company, commissioned by Telekom Malaysia, had sent a bill for RM806,400,000,000,000.01 to his late father’s house, which has been vacant since his death.

Yahaya, from Kampung Pauh, Kubur Panjang, said he nearly fainted when he saw the bill, which stated it was for outstanding arrears.

The letter, from a debt-collection agent based in Sungai Petani was dated April 3, and demanded that the house owner settle the bill within 10 days or face legal action.

He said he had settled the previous bill of RM84.82 at the Kedai Telekom on Jan 13 and requested that the telephone line be disconnected since no one was living in the house.

"If the company wants to seek legal action as mentioned in the letter, I’m ready to face it. In fact, I can’t wait to face it," he said.

He said it was careless for the company to send a bill without checking, since the amount was larger than the total telephone bills of the whole country.

Yahaya said his parents were among the first in the whole kampung to fix a telephone line.

He added that the bill was also addressed to Alor Star, Penang instead of Kedah.

"It’s illogical. There is no Alor Star in Penang," he said.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

New Life of my Computer

Yeah... Bought new PSU (Power Supply Unit) finally. My last PSU (480W, cheap thing) dead just after within 6 months, i think. What a PSU. Lousy things. My First PSU, 300W, don't know what brand, can last near 5 years. What the ...

Then I decide to buy a better one for my near 6-years-old PC. My friend KianAnn Recommend me to buy Antec Smart Power 350W, But it out of stock. Hiks. Then the people in SimLim just recommend me this. Got one year guarantee. Not bad.

Not sure my PC can go further another 6 years. :p

Hec ! not Heck ;)

Lilie's Story

On 7 Mar 2006, I bought a stalk for my Honey. Basically, There were 3 flowers in one stalk.

Below is her life. :) (Why her? cannot 'his'?)

Well, This is Day 1, in a Star Wars Cup! Whooooppss... 1 was completely bloomed.

Wow, 2 are bloomed ! Actually it has very nice scent after bloomed. The scent that u can smell when you are in any florist that has the lilie. I like it very much !

Well, two of the flowers are going to die. Hiks, quite sad too. The person in florist told me that it can last 1 to 2 weeks. This was just 4 days !

I cut one of the flowers becuase it is dead. Only left one.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Eyespot - AJAX video maker

Wanna Try online version of 'Movie Maker' ?

Try this Eyespot. It is using popular Internet Technology AJAX to implement its video editing, etc.

You can upload video (up to 25MB), audio, photos for your own movie.

Havent Tried out. But going to try it now.

Finally ...

Yo, finally after 2-3 months time, Emily has lunch with us again. Quite enjoy today, and because of a piece of barbecued Pork, the topic is changed to Marriage, credit goes to Peter. :p And some topics about Old Cow and Fresh Grass. Haha. Ask Fiona. Just a joke :p

Yesterday was a day without Kian Ann. Things still go smoothly. Muahaha. And he told us just now he had the 'AJiSang' (Don't know how to spell) for his lunch, Jap Food ! OMG, he very enjoy there. Never thinking of us ?! Hik Hiks...

The project I am in, people are getting lesser. How come ?! Who will come in the project ? And will he/she friendly, etc ?! Not dare to think about it.

Arsenal go through to the semi final of CPL. Congratulations. Some thought here, Arsenal get CPL Cup, MU EPL Cup, Liverpool FA Cup, Chelsea Cupless, nice ? Chelsea Fans, sorry about it ... :p

Monday, April 03, 2006

Secret Recipe

Well, this coming Friday 7th April is the birthday of my two (fat and thin) bro-in-law. I had planned to give them a treat on 8th April in Pizza Hut. But, Honey said that she cant go back this week because of coming final exam (will be her last exam in NTU! hooooorraaayyy...), so I changed the plan to last Saturday(1st April).

We went to Jaya Jusco (Desa Tebrau). Then initially wanna take dinner @ Pizza Hut. Then we passed by a Secret Recipe shop. And we stopped there. Because of a nice lunch during Grace's Farewell long time ago in Secret Recipe. So I recommended this.

Hmm, food is not nice (overcook, I can make better food), service is bad (a waiter hit my blazer with the food! gosh), environment is still ok (we sit beside a fridge, with some unwanted cake; near the pantry, a lot of noise). Service charge is 10%! What the ... @%$#!*^

Don't go please! I think the management there is too lousy. Else it wont be the things of Secret Recipe in SG is nice, but in Malaysia is ... Aiks. U ever try before Pizza in Msia and SG is totally different ?!

Well, going to try the food of Kenny Rogers in City Square after honey's Exam. Please don't too IMPRESSED me. :D

Who's Using Google Talk ?

Oh my god, is it that google too popular ? going to feature Google Talk in the website as well.

Most of my friends still using MSN Messenger (Windows Live Messenger out, to replace MSN Messenger 8), wonders who has started to use GTalk as well.

One of the features of Google Talk I like is that it saves the chat in the GMail (2G++ storage). So, our harddisk wont be consumed so much(if chat history enabled in MSN)

Recently new GTalk is out, featured Chat Theme. U could check it out here CLICK

Any GTalk Buddy, add me.