Monday, July 28, 2008

More to come - Wedding Gown

Wedding Gown ! Oh yesh !

Peishan is veryyyyy prettyyyyy wearing the wedding gown. Drooling now? hehe...

Below 2 will be worn during the photo shootout in Pulau Tioman in coming Thurs and Friday. There will be another 6 for the indoor photo shootout.

Super nice! Sweet and beautiful

White Snow Princess. Hehehe...

Tips: If your are chubby, just open your hand wide. Don't squeeze towards the body. Will look more chubby. =)

So, where's my shirt, blazer, pants ? Tell you, for photo shootout, bride getting the spotlight. Agree ? Calculate the time you look at the bride and groom respectively in a wedding album, then you will know. =p

Still drooling ?! *slap* *slap*

Sunday, July 27, 2008

New House in Adda Heights

Hmm.. When is the last time I blog. September 2007 ! Nearly one year. Terribly sorry.

Let's see some picture taking at my new house in Adda Heights. Hueeee..

Calamansi Plant, one with the flower, one without flower.

Bamboo without Kung Fu Panda and 'Carpet' grass. Nice nice.

The room at the left is my and Peishan's room. Waiting for furniture...

Shoe Cabinet

First glance from main door, that is the divider

Living Room, with JBL's 5.1 Speakers and Yamaha Amp. It's rock!

The view from divider to the dining area.

Same as above. But with the view of Forture Cat. (招财猫). haha

The other view of Living room. =)

Our ROM coming soon ! ! ! 8 August 2008, which is 080808. =) That day also open ceremony day of Beijing Olympic ! Haha.. Soooooooooo Happy.

More to come.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Special Birthday without my Peishan

Well, birthday again this year. Seem very closed to the last birthday I had. 1 year is damn fast. Err... Still remember what I wear last birthday, and what gift from colleagues, then dinner in Mache with my Peishan, and all the gifts given by Peishan, and those photos taken in Commonwealth.

A lot of people to thank this years. Hehe. Vishnu, Weiling, Cynthia, Peicheng, Simon. Vishnu sabo me to bite the candle out which dug very deep in the cake. Weiling took a video on it. Funny... We had a drink in KL apartment. A really special night. Peicheng took a lot of photos of me. very horny i can say =D Want to have a look ? Can request from her. =P She treated me Starbuck cake in KLIA. very nice. =D

Then again, Huixian and Peiling treated me Nanten Ramen. nice nice, had some chit chat, an enjoyable night. Thanks for the Cake ya! Then finally Kian, gosh, he is engaged for the work, ended up meet at 10, was 9. Then he brought me to Junction 8. He even thinking to buy G2000 shirts for me, but lucky the shop is closed. haha. Next time la. Then at the end , he brought me home to Tampines. Sui Orh... Haha. We nearly lost.

Then thanks those who message me. Got some misunderstand between me and Erna. Haha. Thought the mystery number was from June. Oooppss...

My family and Peishan's family are very nice to me too. =)

Don't know why recently, maybe really get tied up by works, so feeling really really touch what has been done by them all. =) Hehe... Or because of Peishan not by my side? =(

Ok, 28th Sep is coming. Finally i got my Visa to China in KL. Yeah... Peishan and Shanghai, I am coming!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

First Shaver (Philips) In My Life

Oh yeah, finally get a shaver for myself. It's Philips HQ6070. Because heard that there is Mega Sales in Courts. So, went to Tampines Mall Courts to have a look. Thinking to buy Braun brand shaver. But there is only Philips shaver in Courts. Unbelievable, right? Grrr.. no choice.

Never mind, last time, also bought a Philips Shaver for my Dad as his Father's Day gift. So, think that Philips wont be so bad. =) So, now I have Philips 190CW LCD Widescreen Monitor and Philips HQ6070 Shaver. Moreover, there are Philips 34inch TV in my JB house plus my father gift. Hehe.

First time using it, feeling my skin got little hurt, maybe I am not used to it. Then my Peishan said that I should put some water on my skin, or apply some soup on it before use the shaver. Ya. that's the case.

Front. There is a battery power indicator
The back. Designed in Holland, made in China. Yeah !
Shaver and Mouse comparison. Haha. What a compare.

Initially thinking to buy a Shaver below SGD50, there saw one cost 15+, but operated in AA battery and not water proof. so, chose a 45.9, at least water proof. But ends up buying this one. Which is chargeable, just like normal phone charger. Plug and Play =) It costs me 69.90.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Terminal one, Budget Terminal and Terminal Two

Peishan just back from Shanghai last Friday. Oh yeah. Very happy and happy. Finally after 3 months plus, both of us meet again. But happy hours past really fast. Soon, she went back to Shanghai past Wednesday. Miss her so much.

So, what happen on Wednesday really interesting. Sent Peishan off in Terminal One, then sent my Papa, Aunt and Uncles off to Shenzhen in Budget Terminal, they taking Tiger Airways. Finally sent myself off to Malaysia Kuala Lumpur in Terminal Two. Haha.

Going to Budget Terminal, need to take Free Shuttle Bus from Terminal Two Basement. Frequency about 30mins. I slept while waiting for bus to set off that day. Too tired. Woke up at 6am that day, and straight away go to SG office. Lucky that day no jam. All very smooth.

Hm, looking forward to flying to Shanghai next month. Really. Consider it as our pre-Honeymoon honeymoon. Hehe.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Let's get directed to FeedBurner !

Cool, just get the information from ProBlogger that offer redirect of Feed. Which eventually you can redirect all your feed to Feed Server such as FeedBurner.

So, you can get all the statistic on how many subscriber you have for you blog, etc. Should this be the first integration done for FeedBurner and

Let's just get redirected to FeedBurner for all the Blogger users =)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Doraemon and me

Last Saturday just went to Johor Bahru City Square to watch Transformers. It's really nice movie. Some shoots are taken very very nice, especially Optimus Prime and Megatron go through the building. Looking for episode 2 =)

Oh yeah, found a gift shop somewhere in 3rd floor. The things sold, you can get easily in Singapore. Seem like first time I see it in JB.

Yeah, Doraemon, My Peishan's favourite, Hehe. He's born in September, same with me =)

Kissing the Doraemon! You can't run away, hiak hiak hiak