Saturday, June 16, 2007

Bedroom Interior Design

This year just bought a house in JB, under my and my mum name. The Taman's name is Adda Heights (by Southern Gateway). Just beside my Taman now, Taman Daya.

Ok, the developer said the building will be finish constructed around end of this year. Cost about 200+K in Ringgit. One of the bedrooms going to be my and Peishan bedroom oh. Hehe. But Peishan currently in Shanghai, so she has asked me to design the bedroom.

Hmm, so what's should be the theme color ? Thinking of combination Red, White, Brown and Skyblue. Let's see some photos and pictures.

White + Green, the wall paper quite nice.3D Image. It has a nice carpet + 'inserted-style' bed. Not bad oh.
White + red + brown. Is that a carpet ? Or just that part is made by wood. the curtain really nice. But don't think will be applicable for my bedroom. Hehe.

So, some concrete plan: Carpet, white color bedsheet, LCD/Plasma TV/Monitor, some nice lights. Looking forward to it. =)


Darren said...

you can buy some magazines to get ideas too :)

阿陈 said...

Hmm bro I think the 3 pic you show give some pretty good idea. Personally I like the curtain ard the bed cos it gave a more private feeling during those more "private" time you know at night.

Also carpet the whole floor give a cosy feel but the $ is one factor and using white carpet can make cleaning a big problem.

Chong Jun Yong said...

Darren, ya, Peishan got suggested to buy magazines to get some ideas :)

Thinking of you studying in Architect School, (got learn interior design?), ask you to provide some ideas ? =p

Chong Jun Yong said...

Ah Tan, like your 'Private' Time. If she can dance, you maybe can sit on the bed, and close the curtain, and you look at her.

Have to be dark color carpet gua, to make a contrast with white bed :)