Monday, May 29, 2006


酷吧!大概有3mm那么厚哦!这是Andrew的请帖。酒席将在今年七月举办。羡慕死我了。哈哈。而且是在Grand Hyatt举办哦!隆重吧!嗯,我该包多少红包呢?嘿嘿。

Today is Ops 'Outing', Outing has the Quote Sign because, we ops guys and gals actually have it in the Ops Office. Today is very very very very fun compared to 3 outings I attended previously. Thanks Kim and Erna. Hehe. The 2 games are funniest part. haha. Liu Qiang, keep the work up next time :) Karaoke next time ? Hehe.

First time ride in the car drive by Kian , By suay suay got accident in CTE. damn. in Both to and fro road some more... about 8 cars crashed together in one main road. Think the accident in other road is caused by the '38' ppl watching the accident then got crashed. Happend in same place ! People, becareful when u drive. Thanks Kian again :) muahahah... there are more chances that u can drive me home. Dont be sad today. hohoho...

Monday, May 01, 2006

Travelling to Malaysia

Last last week, my father asked me something about car/van rental on the website. After I did a quick Google research . Really cant find much about car/van rental. Only can find something like used car rental/sale, less or nil info on van rental for travel.

Then my dad asked me whether can create a website then put ads in somewhere. This of course need to do some researches. Or just to put ads in some car/van rental website. the latter one is impossible because of the first paragraph.

So, still doing some research on the webhost, domain name and ads. Any Idea ?

Do some ads here:

Ever thinking about 9-12 ppl form a group for a travel in Malaysia (Cameron Highland, Genting Highland, French Village, Pulau, Penang, etc) ? for a one-to-two-day-trip in somewhere like (Muar, Kukup, etc) ? for a short trip to/from Air-port ? Then you can seriously think about my dad's van rental service/travel.

Contact: +60167106698 (MY) +6596895180 (SG). Could just SMS/call. Contact 'CHONG'.