Tuesday, December 19, 2006






(出门记得带雨伞,穿RAIN COAT)

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Cousin's Wedding Dinner @ 9 Dec

Well, photos below taken during my cousin wedding dinner last-last Saturday, 9 Dec. So envy that , my cousin (堂哥) can get married so soon, he just one month older than me, haha. Wonder if i m staying in Msia, will i get married so soon or not. Can get married soon then get a kid earlier in young age, don't want that, i 50+, kids still late 20 or younger. Please pray for my wedding coming soon. 100k plan. Haha.

Lets see the photos =)

Me, My Papa, My Mama, and young bro (2 years younger than me)
Chong's Family, Peishan, Me, Papa, Mama, Bro, WeiLing(bro's
Big Chong's Family ... Who do you wan me to indicate ?

Center one is my cousin (堂妹), groom's sister

Bride and Groom

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Long time no blog

Ok, gotta admit that I long time never post a blog, err, well, i like my blog content to have photo, but finding hard time to take one, shit. finally, under spell of En Hui, we got a chance to take group photo of Operation Department. Yeah.

As follows :

Preparation (think only 8 persons looking at the lens, hehe)

Formal A (Kim is very cute, :), well, Mark is half blocked, aiya)

Formal B (err, something block the camera lens, just nicely cut Kim's head.)

Informal (wahahah, kian said i like a lion, what the ! Look at Jui Hung and MC's look. Well, now Kim is totally cut! Haha, not by blocker ;P)

Bye Bye Jui Hung, Pei Ling and MC. will miss you three always ... (in my dream, whoopps)

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Genting Trip Diary 1-2-3-4

[Day 1]
woke up at 6am, watched monster house at 2am, slept at 430am something. Ha ha, quite tired. Then set off at 730am. Who're in trip ? Peishan's family, parents + 1 sister + 2 brothers (all younger) and sister's bf. 2 cars.

rest in ayer keroh stop, saw several of sport cars from Singapore, 2 brothers saw until blur oredi, haha. got 350z, EVO, supra, subaru , etc.

After looked for Peishan's dad's friends in KL, then we set off to Genting lo.
The hotel we stayed. First World Hotel, got Indoor Theme Park inside, 'small' casino, big one in another hotel. Oh shit, forget to take photo of the hotel room.

[Day 2]
Just play for whole day. Got a game called Bumper Boat, like 'peng peng car' but is boat one. I kena splashed a lot of water at our 2nd ride. Haha ... It's a fun game, think #1 Family Game. One time 8 ppl play, and just nice we got 8 ppl, hehe.

At nite, watched 'over the hedge' using laptop and drink mocha at starbuck, haha .. wearing short pant. damn cold, about 16 - 17C.

[Day 3]
well, woke up at 10. then we set off to KL lo, byebye Genting. We stayed in Summit Hotel. What shall we do in KL neh ? yeah, eat and play. It's very expensive to eat in genting, about RM3.60 for a bottle of coke, not to speak of food.

And we 'play' water in the swimming pool of hotel, no other ppl was there, just 8 of us. haha ... we played until rain's coming then left.

So, what's the famous landmark in KL ? yeah Petronas Twin Tower. when we were there, it was raining ... chase away the haze.

"The Two Tower"

[Day 4]
Oh my god, so fast 4 days gone. after checked out from hotel at 12pm, we went to Tian Hou Gong 天后宫 拜拜, then went to Mid-valley, a very big Shopping mall, have carrefour and jusco in it. Didnt buy anything, just window shopping (remember a question of game of Ops 'outing')

about 4sth, we set off to Melaka, to eat Satay Lut Lut. Hehe... basically it's just satay stick to stick the food, any kind of food, and get it cook in a boiling satay-sauce gravy soup.

The Shop

Outside the shop, people queue in the rain ! We waited for about an hour to finally get our seat. Phew !
And finally the food. muahahhaa ... center one is the satay soup. one stick RM0.50, sometime they will provide some BIG prawns oso RM0.50 per stick. nice ya. got chance, you should go there and try, 4.5 stars!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Jedi Fantasy 绝对范特西

What the ! Muahahhaha, 我也太久太久太久没有update部落格了。


Next is my Photos taken during my 4th Annivesary. Yeah, 4 year lo. since 11 Oct 2002. So fast we will be getting married, haha. This one already told to everyone so many times, but hvnt been fulfiled. I am very sad too :( Money not enough leh, and not wish to borrow money from parents as well. 要靠自己嘛。


Really hope that we can get married faster and have kids soonn.. Kian, wait for your god-son/daughter bah, Muahahahaha !!!

Image(507) Showing one of the photos, Can go to My Flickr for more pictures :)

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Still Fantasy 依然范特西

Thinking to post this long time ago, But no time leh. Hehe... Finally can post today =) no duty today ma (ask Kian or Han Jie then you will know why. =P). This is my 2nd album that I bought 'anti'-pirate version. Ha... 1st is YanZi's album. To boost the economic ma.. haha. Kian wish to buy one, but kena halted by his mum. Poor poor o.

This is a very nice album, all 10 songs i rated 5 stars. Got 1 CD and 1 DVD (2 Movie, and the making of). Hvnt played the CD, hehe. Just listen to pirated one. Whooops =)

My bro, Kian very upset leh ... Aiks ... Think something to cheer him up =) Play maple ? hehe... Watch bleach ?! Go Go Go Kian ... Dun be desperate. Still got me !

The Book and the album =)
The Cover

Another Angle =P

One of pages of the book.

Poster !

View from another angle .

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Today feature: Erna Birthday

What The?!Hmmm ... What is it ? Yeah ! It's a birthday cake.

Well it's taken on 11th September. So late to put now. (click the picture for the album, not all pictures taken are uploaded, haha, Pei Ling must fell very lucky)

Actually wish to put a picture of a people, and let you guy guess, but think that now is lunar July. Don't wish to scare you all people. Muahahaha.. For who interested, ask me personally. Very interesting one o ! wahahha ...

Hmm.. Soon, is my birthday already, 14th Sep. U guys got think of what event le ah ? throw the cake on my face ? NO! I am so cute ! hahaha.

This coming saturday going to have a nice dinner (hope so) with my family. Yeah. I am going to treat them. Initially I thought my dad going to treat me :p Kidding. (my dad is richer leh, wahhaha!)

Enjoy the September ! coz got a lot of people birthday. Next is Hazel, then Kian.

Saturday, September 09, 2006


What The?!This is what he reponse after kian read my previous blog.

What the ?!!!


1) For brother, I stab the knife into my two ribs
2) For women, I stab the knife on my brother !!!


Muahahahha ... Kian, Happy bo ?!

Thursday, September 07, 2006


What The?!Kian, what is this ah ? very obvious oh ? Muahahah ....

This blog is dedicated to you. Enjoy!


Well, ddung is very very hot in my company now. Haha. Coz of display pic of YM of a group of people. Even my boss wanna sell me SGD80 for one. Bargain !

Wednesday, September 06, 2006








  6.有一辆火车以每小时15公里的速度离开洛杉矶直奔纽约,另一辆火车以每小时20公里的速度从纽约开往洛杉矶。如果有一只鸟,以30 公里每小时的速度和两辆火车同时启动,从洛杉矶出发,碰到另一辆车后返回,依次在两辆火车来回飞行,直到两辆火车相遇,请问,这只小鸟飞行了多长距离?






Any Answer ?

Friday, September 01, 2006

Ddung Doll

Mr Kian, where is Last Episode ah ? Hng... so slow one... Or I mentioned 'OCBC' already too obvious ?

Wah, who so cute in the picture beside this ah ? Hehe... Recently there is a very very hot doll in Korea. I call it ddung dolls, because it's website is ddung. =) Think only can buy from Korea. Aiks, I wanna buy for my honey leh, soooo cute. Even me cant resist it. ggrrr... Haha

Click the doll to get a preview first. =) Enjoy Shopping.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Eventful 19th Aug 2006 Episode 4

Continued From Episode 3







安公子,你该给大家一个交待吧。我已经帮你写完Final Episode了。

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Eventful 19th Aug 2006 Episode 2

Well well well, must there always be a episode 2 for a event/movie ?

Today is company's Ops Dept Outing. We go to East Coast for BBQ. And this is the first time I bring my honey to Company Event. Very happy about it =) She always afraid she will throw my face feeling she is too thin, where got o ? not bad ah =p. Then finally I persuade her to go for the event. Hope she will join me for more of my event/outing/gathering. It's me always attend hers leh, Hng. Nearly quarrel on this matter =) haha...

Before we set off for to east coast, I am playing Maple Story for quite a long time. Haha. Then also play new Raiden III , remind my times for 2D Raiden II. Hehe. Then we take MRT to Bedok Interchange, Kian told me that he's still in Hougang, my god. But eventually, I am the one who late. Haha. =)

Only saw Kian, his mum, Space, but where is Han Jie ? So we just stand there and wait for him. Finally he came, in Boro's Jersey. Me, in ManUtd jersey =p

.... (frm Episode 1)

Ok, cut to the point, what we saw that day ? Please guess...

It's Chi Wa wa, it's soooo small, that my honey even think that it will afraid of the Hamster! haha ... By the way, for those who dunno, Chi Wa Wa is a doggy =) Is there any Episode 3 ? Please refer to Kian for update =) (Afraid that someone will hit me coz i just put little for Episode 2, hehe)

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Beijing's Trip

Yoyo, just back from Beijing's Business Trip. Went to Zhong Guan Chun to work with the partner there. Beijing's place not bad, quite developed, but the traffic quite terrible. And actually it's summer there, but because of the rain and mist, it's 'warm' there.

Also, went to Gu Gong (Zhi Jin Cheng). The place is really big, didnt manage to visit all the palace, but did visit the main one. The Yu Hua Yuan is really a nice place. Hope can get such in my future house =p.

Hope I can go for another real tour trip with my honey to China, maybe Xi An, Bei Jing or Shang Hai. Anymore place to be recommended ?

Click the picture to view the photos:

Monday, August 07, 2006


Ever watch fireworks in Singapore before ?

Some photos taken by 白天的星 during the Fireworks show @ Marina Bay on Saturday (5 Aug)
. This fireworks is done by Italy Team.

More info on fireworks show @ http://www.unusual.com.sg/sfw2006.html

Enjoy ! :)

Sunday, August 06, 2006

New House [at] Commonwealth [dot] HDB

Living Room and Kitchen, that's my girlfriend which can be described as 贤良淑德、沉鱼落雁!

Kitchen, very small, =(

Bathroom, very small too, Haha. But got heater, it's not bad already if compared to previous. Staying at 7th floor, need this much as morning is very cool. =P

The other toilet, for brush teeth and release unwanted waste =P Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 31, 2006

钟陈眷属 - 七夕节快乐!


Last But Not Least.
Changed to this.


Monday, June 12, 2006



最近令人乍舌的吉隆坡抢劫+强奸案件Link 更是显示枪匪简直无法无天。气到我半条命。恨不得把这些强奸犯的小鸡鸡给剪了。


How you guys enjoy World Cup recently ? Got play Yahoo's World Cup Fantasy ? England just 1-0 to Paraguay, Aiks, Own Goal some more.. They really need Rooney. Please, gain the full fitness quickly. Then got more impressive display from England. Hehe.

Also looking for HDB to rent, 2 house 4 ppl. Nowadays, heard from other ppl, hard to find a place that you favour. By Luck =)

Monday, May 29, 2006


酷吧!大概有3mm那么厚哦!这是Andrew的请帖。酒席将在今年七月举办。羡慕死我了。哈哈。而且是在Grand Hyatt举办哦!隆重吧!嗯,我该包多少红包呢?嘿嘿。

Today is Ops 'Outing', Outing has the Quote Sign because, we ops guys and gals actually have it in the Ops Office. Today is very very very very fun compared to 3 outings I attended previously. Thanks Kim and Erna. Hehe. The 2 games are funniest part. haha. Liu Qiang, keep the work up next time :) Karaoke next time ? Hehe.

First time ride in the car drive by Kian , By suay suay got accident in CTE. damn. in Both to and fro road some more... about 8 cars crashed together in one main road. Think the accident in other road is caused by the '38' ppl watching the accident then got crashed. Happend in same place ! People, becareful when u drive. Thanks Kian again :) muahahah... there are more chances that u can drive me home. Dont be sad today. hohoho...

Monday, May 01, 2006

Travelling to Malaysia

Last last week, my father asked me something about car/van rental on the website. After I did a quick Google research . Really cant find much about car/van rental. Only can find something like used car rental/sale, less or nil info on van rental for travel.

Then my dad asked me whether can create a website then put ads in somewhere. This of course need to do some researches. Or just to put ads in some car/van rental website. the latter one is impossible because of the first paragraph.

So, still doing some research on the webhost, domain name and ads. Any Idea ?

Do some ads here:

Ever thinking about 9-12 ppl form a group for a travel in Malaysia (Cameron Highland, Genting Highland, French Village, Pulau, Penang, etc) ? for a one-to-two-day-trip in somewhere like (Muar, Kukup, etc) ? for a short trip to/from Air-port ? Then you can seriously think about my dad's van rental service/travel.

Contact: +60167106698 (MY) +6596895180 (SG). Could just SMS/call. Contact 'CHONG'.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Long Time No Back

Oh no... Kian long time no back already. Let me count, i think about more than 2-3 weeks we have not seen each other. Haha. Last time we chat in msn, told him that we go quite far for the lunch, such as Golden Shoe, Tanjong Pagar, Maxwell, he angry till buey tahan. lol.

I also still need to wait some times then can move to Ops Office. Maybe Sept ? after the new release is in Production... Then I and Kian decide to back together at that time, and celebrate our birthday as well ! haha... This is funny :)

Ok. Enjoy your life. My future wife, Pei Shan going to finish her LAST final exam in next week 26th Apr. Then she wont suffer for the exam and study anymore. Yeah. So happy about it. Then I also wont be disturbed by her for her study and exam, hehe :p

Need new Windows Visual Stlye ? Try -Kol's aes

Some tweak can be done. Some button, like button in webpage in FireFox, the text color is black.

Preview :

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Well, where is the Sorting ?

Hmm.. What is the sorting algorithm used in the EPL tables in Soccernet Homepage ? Is this the first time you encounter ? Haha, Btw, ManUtd number one, am very happy about this !

Still got 7pts ! Hope Chelsea will slip in the remaining 5 matches. Remember, MU and Chelsea still will face each other in Stamford Bridge this end of month.


Trillion Ringgit Bill For ONE Telephone Line !

From New Straits Times - Malaysia

PENDANG, KEDAH: A meat importer had a shock when he received a hefty telephone bill — for RM800 trillion.

Yahaya Wahab, 63, said a debt-collection company, commissioned by Telekom Malaysia, had sent a bill for RM806,400,000,000,000.01 to his late father’s house, which has been vacant since his death.

Yahaya, from Kampung Pauh, Kubur Panjang, said he nearly fainted when he saw the bill, which stated it was for outstanding arrears.

The letter, from a debt-collection agent based in Sungai Petani was dated April 3, and demanded that the house owner settle the bill within 10 days or face legal action.

He said he had settled the previous bill of RM84.82 at the Kedai Telekom on Jan 13 and requested that the telephone line be disconnected since no one was living in the house.

"If the company wants to seek legal action as mentioned in the letter, I’m ready to face it. In fact, I can’t wait to face it," he said.

He said it was careless for the company to send a bill without checking, since the amount was larger than the total telephone bills of the whole country.

Yahaya said his parents were among the first in the whole kampung to fix a telephone line.

He added that the bill was also addressed to Alor Star, Penang instead of Kedah.

"It’s illogical. There is no Alor Star in Penang," he said.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

New Life of my Computer

Yeah... Bought new PSU (Power Supply Unit) finally. My last PSU (480W, cheap thing) dead just after within 6 months, i think. What a PSU. Lousy things. My First PSU, 300W, don't know what brand, can last near 5 years. What the ...

Then I decide to buy a better one for my near 6-years-old PC. My friend KianAnn Recommend me to buy Antec Smart Power 350W, But it out of stock. Hiks. Then the people in SimLim just recommend me this. Got one year guarantee. Not bad.

Not sure my PC can go further another 6 years. :p

Hec ! not Heck ;)

Lilie's Story

On 7 Mar 2006, I bought a stalk for my Honey. Basically, There were 3 flowers in one stalk.

Below is her life. :) (Why her? cannot 'his'?)

Well, This is Day 1, in a Star Wars Cup! Whooooppss... 1 was completely bloomed.

Wow, 2 are bloomed ! Actually it has very nice scent after bloomed. The scent that u can smell when you are in any florist that has the lilie. I like it very much !

Well, two of the flowers are going to die. Hiks, quite sad too. The person in florist told me that it can last 1 to 2 weeks. This was just 4 days !

I cut one of the flowers becuase it is dead. Only left one.