Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Gatherings in Vesak Day

Happy Vesak Day to everyone =)

But my Peishan doesnt have such Public Holiday in China Shanghai. Too bad, cant accompany her in IM at morning till Night. Because ...

Morning : Meet up with Chang Yeh, Good friends since from Foonyew
Evening : Gathering in Jui Hung's house.
Night : Meet up with Mui Choo, together with Emily and Jarod in Settlers

Quite happening, but resulted will be more tired than working. Haha. but very happy can meet with so many friends. Sad that cant accompany Peishan in IM. 呜呜呜(crying sound)

Kian so shiok, can go to Malaysia (Friday). See you on Monday la. =)

Oh ya, there is PC Show in Suntec City from 31 May to 3 June. Enjoy. Thinking of buying a new Hard Disk (maybe 250G) and Card Reader. Enjoy.

Writing Code for Easy Testing

As a developer, what kind of code are going to write? A code that easy readable? A code that is easy maintainable ? Well, I think, writing a code that is easy for testing come first =)

Actually a code that is easy for testing also meaning that piece of code is easy to read, easy to maintain. Recently encounter such situation...

[Big] a very big service object
[Serv] a service object
[Abstr] a abstract object
[Conc] family of [Abstr], meaning [Conc] can use all feature in [Abstr]

To fulfill a hug task, [Big] -> [Serv] -> [Abstr] -> [Conc]

Not all methods in [Serv] are exposed to [Big] , meaning [Serv] will do itself in it's context, but it depends something from [Big].

[Conc] and [Abstr] is really a terrible "couple". Some methods in [Conc] will call methods in [Abstr], even worse that [Abstr] might call back to [Conc] in the same method!

So, when going to test a very very small task. Need to understand all this 4 Classes! Should it be just need to understand [Conc] is enough? Today, thinking of testing that very very small task, so need to write a new [NewConc] that based on [Conc], but found out that this 4 Classes are very dependable, So give up. Yiak.

Come out a plan to Revamp whole things ? Well... All because of that [Big] thing. Which is also used by others NOT similar [Serv] object. So give up also.

So, write a code that is really really easy to test is Top priority. =)

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

20 days between Shanghai and Singapore

Well, it's has been more than 20 days, I and Peishan separated from each other. :'(

I'm of course in Singapore, she in Shanghai now. Yes, you are right. China's Shanghai. As a Sourcing specialist for HiP Internation Ltd , a Manufacturing company. She will station there for 1 year! Yes, that's for 365 days! Oh my god, some of friends feeling happy for me, as I will become temporary bachelor. Hmm... Some feeling sad for me. Yup, I will not be happy for that actually.

Start from very very beginning of our love journey, she's been helping me on the small small things. Such as tidy up the room, table, my personal things (include underwear, oopps, actually is like wallet, handphone, etc), a lot more which I don't like to take care. Hehe. But she will scold me for messing up! my goodness! I really not dare to touch anymore of my wallet or handphone after reach home when she's still around. Haha. Who will love to kena scolded ?

I like to cook. Dreaming of become a chef one day. Probably at 50 years old? Hehe. These 20 days, has been cooking for quite couple of days, really wish to cook for Peishan to feed her full full (喂到饱饱). Really miss the days she's here, and I cooking for her. Gotta wait for 1 year. Another 11 months and 9 days to go :) still counting down.

So, what's the plan ? Yup, plan to fly to Shanghai and visit Peishan. Yes, I'm going to book a air ticket around this week. Plan to fly to look for her on October, 1st week. It's Golden Week in China, 1 week public holidays in China. It's Independent Day.

Next plan, I'm probably flying to Malaysia to work on Alliance Bank Project. Well, a good start for me, Cause wish to apply some of my 'advanced knowledge'. And wish the project can be done well, so wont create 'Dang' for Support team. Am a support team member for Stanchart Project.

Therefore, I am maybe somehow 100 - 300 km nearer to Peishan. Haha. Wish us all the best :)