Thursday, October 26, 2006

Genting Trip Diary 1-2-3-4

[Day 1]
woke up at 6am, watched monster house at 2am, slept at 430am something. Ha ha, quite tired. Then set off at 730am. Who're in trip ? Peishan's family, parents + 1 sister + 2 brothers (all younger) and sister's bf. 2 cars.

rest in ayer keroh stop, saw several of sport cars from Singapore, 2 brothers saw until blur oredi, haha. got 350z, EVO, supra, subaru , etc.

After looked for Peishan's dad's friends in KL, then we set off to Genting lo.
The hotel we stayed. First World Hotel, got Indoor Theme Park inside, 'small' casino, big one in another hotel. Oh shit, forget to take photo of the hotel room.

[Day 2]
Just play for whole day. Got a game called Bumper Boat, like 'peng peng car' but is boat one. I kena splashed a lot of water at our 2nd ride. Haha ... It's a fun game, think #1 Family Game. One time 8 ppl play, and just nice we got 8 ppl, hehe.

At nite, watched 'over the hedge' using laptop and drink mocha at starbuck, haha .. wearing short pant. damn cold, about 16 - 17C.

[Day 3]
well, woke up at 10. then we set off to KL lo, byebye Genting. We stayed in Summit Hotel. What shall we do in KL neh ? yeah, eat and play. It's very expensive to eat in genting, about RM3.60 for a bottle of coke, not to speak of food.

And we 'play' water in the swimming pool of hotel, no other ppl was there, just 8 of us. haha ... we played until rain's coming then left.

So, what's the famous landmark in KL ? yeah Petronas Twin Tower. when we were there, it was raining ... chase away the haze.

"The Two Tower"

[Day 4]
Oh my god, so fast 4 days gone. after checked out from hotel at 12pm, we went to Tian Hou Gong 天后宫 拜拜, then went to Mid-valley, a very big Shopping mall, have carrefour and jusco in it. Didnt buy anything, just window shopping (remember a question of game of Ops 'outing')

about 4sth, we set off to Melaka, to eat Satay Lut Lut. Hehe... basically it's just satay stick to stick the food, any kind of food, and get it cook in a boiling satay-sauce gravy soup.

The Shop

Outside the shop, people queue in the rain ! We waited for about an hour to finally get our seat. Phew !
And finally the food. muahahhaa ... center one is the satay soup. one stick RM0.50, sometime they will provide some BIG prawns oso RM0.50 per stick. nice ya. got chance, you should go there and try, 4.5 stars!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Jedi Fantasy 绝对范特西

What the ! Muahahhaha, 我也太久太久太久没有update部落格了。


Next is my Photos taken during my 4th Annivesary. Yeah, 4 year lo. since 11 Oct 2002. So fast we will be getting married, haha. This one already told to everyone so many times, but hvnt been fulfiled. I am very sad too :( Money not enough leh, and not wish to borrow money from parents as well. 要靠自己嘛。


Really hope that we can get married faster and have kids soonn.. Kian, wait for your god-son/daughter bah, Muahahahaha !!!

Image(507) Showing one of the photos, Can go to My Flickr for more pictures :)