Tuesday, December 19, 2006






(出门记得带雨伞,穿RAIN COAT)

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Cousin's Wedding Dinner @ 9 Dec

Well, photos below taken during my cousin wedding dinner last-last Saturday, 9 Dec. So envy that , my cousin (堂哥) can get married so soon, he just one month older than me, haha. Wonder if i m staying in Msia, will i get married so soon or not. Can get married soon then get a kid earlier in young age, don't want that, i 50+, kids still late 20 or younger. Please pray for my wedding coming soon. 100k plan. Haha.

Lets see the photos =)

Me, My Papa, My Mama, and young bro (2 years younger than me)
Chong's Family, Peishan, Me, Papa, Mama, Bro, WeiLing(bro's
Big Chong's Family ... Who do you wan me to indicate ?

Center one is my cousin (堂妹), groom's sister

Bride and Groom