Monday, May 01, 2006

Travelling to Malaysia

Last last week, my father asked me something about car/van rental on the website. After I did a quick Google research . Really cant find much about car/van rental. Only can find something like used car rental/sale, less or nil info on van rental for travel.

Then my dad asked me whether can create a website then put ads in somewhere. This of course need to do some researches. Or just to put ads in some car/van rental website. the latter one is impossible because of the first paragraph.

So, still doing some research on the webhost, domain name and ads. Any Idea ?

Do some ads here:

Ever thinking about 9-12 ppl form a group for a travel in Malaysia (Cameron Highland, Genting Highland, French Village, Pulau, Penang, etc) ? for a one-to-two-day-trip in somewhere like (Muar, Kukup, etc) ? for a short trip to/from Air-port ? Then you can seriously think about my dad's van rental service/travel.

Contact: +60167106698 (MY) +6596895180 (SG). Could just SMS/call. Contact 'CHONG'.


安公子 said...

Muahahaha...helping your Papa advertise gd? Got SPAM? :P

安公子 said... long never update ur blog wor...nuting interesting happened lately?

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