Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Still Fantasy 依然范特西

Thinking to post this long time ago, But no time leh. Hehe... Finally can post today =) no duty today ma (ask Kian or Han Jie then you will know why. =P). This is my 2nd album that I bought 'anti'-pirate version. Ha... 1st is YanZi's album. To boost the economic ma.. haha. Kian wish to buy one, but kena halted by his mum. Poor poor o.

This is a very nice album, all 10 songs i rated 5 stars. Got 1 CD and 1 DVD (2 Movie, and the making of). Hvnt played the CD, hehe. Just listen to pirated one. Whooops =)

My bro, Kian very upset leh ... Aiks ... Think something to cheer him up =) Play maple ? hehe... Watch bleach ?! Go Go Go Kian ... Dun be desperate. Still got me !

The Book and the album =)
The Cover

Another Angle =P

One of pages of the book.

Poster !

View from another angle .

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Today feature: Erna Birthday

What The?!Hmmm ... What is it ? Yeah ! It's a birthday cake.

Well it's taken on 11th September. So late to put now. (click the picture for the album, not all pictures taken are uploaded, haha, Pei Ling must fell very lucky)

Actually wish to put a picture of a people, and let you guy guess, but think that now is lunar July. Don't wish to scare you all people. Muahahaha.. For who interested, ask me personally. Very interesting one o ! wahahha ...

Hmm.. Soon, is my birthday already, 14th Sep. U guys got think of what event le ah ? throw the cake on my face ? NO! I am so cute ! hahaha.

This coming saturday going to have a nice dinner (hope so) with my family. Yeah. I am going to treat them. Initially I thought my dad going to treat me :p Kidding. (my dad is richer leh, wahhaha!)

Enjoy the September ! coz got a lot of people birthday. Next is Hazel, then Kian.

Saturday, September 09, 2006


What The?!This is what he reponse after kian read my previous blog.

What the ?!!!


1) For brother, I stab the knife into my two ribs
2) For women, I stab the knife on my brother !!!


Muahahahha ... Kian, Happy bo ?!

Thursday, September 07, 2006


What The?!Kian, what is this ah ? very obvious oh ? Muahahah ....

This blog is dedicated to you. Enjoy!


Well, ddung is very very hot in my company now. Haha. Coz of display pic of YM of a group of people. Even my boss wanna sell me SGD80 for one. Bargain !

Wednesday, September 06, 2006








  6.有一辆火车以每小时15公里的速度离开洛杉矶直奔纽约,另一辆火车以每小时20公里的速度从纽约开往洛杉矶。如果有一只鸟,以30 公里每小时的速度和两辆火车同时启动,从洛杉矶出发,碰到另一辆车后返回,依次在两辆火车来回飞行,直到两辆火车相遇,请问,这只小鸟飞行了多长距离?






Any Answer ?

Friday, September 01, 2006

Ddung Doll

Mr Kian, where is Last Episode ah ? Hng... so slow one... Or I mentioned 'OCBC' already too obvious ?

Wah, who so cute in the picture beside this ah ? Hehe... Recently there is a very very hot doll in Korea. I call it ddung dolls, because it's website is ddung. =) Think only can buy from Korea. Aiks, I wanna buy for my honey leh, soooo cute. Even me cant resist it. ggrrr... Haha

Click the doll to get a preview first. =) Enjoy Shopping.