Saturday, August 26, 2006

Eventful 19th Aug 2006 Episode 4

Continued From Episode 3







安公子,你该给大家一个交待吧。我已经帮你写完Final Episode了。

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Eventful 19th Aug 2006 Episode 2

Well well well, must there always be a episode 2 for a event/movie ?

Today is company's Ops Dept Outing. We go to East Coast for BBQ. And this is the first time I bring my honey to Company Event. Very happy about it =) She always afraid she will throw my face feeling she is too thin, where got o ? not bad ah =p. Then finally I persuade her to go for the event. Hope she will join me for more of my event/outing/gathering. It's me always attend hers leh, Hng. Nearly quarrel on this matter =) haha...

Before we set off for to east coast, I am playing Maple Story for quite a long time. Haha. Then also play new Raiden III , remind my times for 2D Raiden II. Hehe. Then we take MRT to Bedok Interchange, Kian told me that he's still in Hougang, my god. But eventually, I am the one who late. Haha. =)

Only saw Kian, his mum, Space, but where is Han Jie ? So we just stand there and wait for him. Finally he came, in Boro's Jersey. Me, in ManUtd jersey =p

.... (frm Episode 1)

Ok, cut to the point, what we saw that day ? Please guess...

It's Chi Wa wa, it's soooo small, that my honey even think that it will afraid of the Hamster! haha ... By the way, for those who dunno, Chi Wa Wa is a doggy =) Is there any Episode 3 ? Please refer to Kian for update =) (Afraid that someone will hit me coz i just put little for Episode 2, hehe)

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Beijing's Trip

Yoyo, just back from Beijing's Business Trip. Went to Zhong Guan Chun to work with the partner there. Beijing's place not bad, quite developed, but the traffic quite terrible. And actually it's summer there, but because of the rain and mist, it's 'warm' there.

Also, went to Gu Gong (Zhi Jin Cheng). The place is really big, didnt manage to visit all the palace, but did visit the main one. The Yu Hua Yuan is really a nice place. Hope can get such in my future house =p.

Hope I can go for another real tour trip with my honey to China, maybe Xi An, Bei Jing or Shang Hai. Anymore place to be recommended ?

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Monday, August 07, 2006


Ever watch fireworks in Singapore before ?

Some photos taken by 白天的星 during the Fireworks show @ Marina Bay on Saturday (5 Aug)
. This fireworks is done by Italy Team.

More info on fireworks show @

Enjoy ! :)

Sunday, August 06, 2006

New House [at] Commonwealth [dot] HDB

Living Room and Kitchen, that's my girlfriend which can be described as 贤良淑德、沉鱼落雁!

Kitchen, very small, =(

Bathroom, very small too, Haha. But got heater, it's not bad already if compared to previous. Staying at 7th floor, need this much as morning is very cool. =P

The other toilet, for brush teeth and release unwanted waste =P Posted by Picasa