Sunday, July 27, 2008

New House in Adda Heights

Hmm.. When is the last time I blog. September 2007 ! Nearly one year. Terribly sorry.

Let's see some picture taking at my new house in Adda Heights. Hueeee..

Calamansi Plant, one with the flower, one without flower.

Bamboo without Kung Fu Panda and 'Carpet' grass. Nice nice.

The room at the left is my and Peishan's room. Waiting for furniture...

Shoe Cabinet

First glance from main door, that is the divider

Living Room, with JBL's 5.1 Speakers and Yamaha Amp. It's rock!

The view from divider to the dining area.

Same as above. But with the view of Forture Cat. (招财猫). haha

The other view of Living room. =)

Our ROM coming soon ! ! ! 8 August 2008, which is 080808. =) That day also open ceremony day of Beijing Olympic ! Haha.. Soooooooooo Happy.

More to come.


jacedolphin said...

Wah~~ ur new house at Adda Height o!! I was once thinking to get a house a nice place...

And...COngratz to you and Peishan!!

Jen Wong said...

JBL's 5.1 Speakers and Yamaha Amp

Francine Yau said...

HIhi, may i know any house for sale in Adda Heights now? Would u mind to update me if u hv any info fr there. Im looking the location there.. thank you very much.. cheers! Pls email me