Thursday, August 16, 2007

Terminal one, Budget Terminal and Terminal Two

Peishan just back from Shanghai last Friday. Oh yeah. Very happy and happy. Finally after 3 months plus, both of us meet again. But happy hours past really fast. Soon, she went back to Shanghai past Wednesday. Miss her so much.

So, what happen on Wednesday really interesting. Sent Peishan off in Terminal One, then sent my Papa, Aunt and Uncles off to Shenzhen in Budget Terminal, they taking Tiger Airways. Finally sent myself off to Malaysia Kuala Lumpur in Terminal Two. Haha.

Going to Budget Terminal, need to take Free Shuttle Bus from Terminal Two Basement. Frequency about 30mins. I slept while waiting for bus to set off that day. Too tired. Woke up at 6am that day, and straight away go to SG office. Lucky that day no jam. All very smooth.

Hm, looking forward to flying to Shanghai next month. Really. Consider it as our pre-Honeymoon honeymoon. Hehe.

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Alle said...

omg.. next month is Sept alrdy!! Seems just a while ago I commented at u, "go Shanghai? so long from now??", it's just less than a month away now. time flies man.... esp true aft u past 24... :-s *huaaaa... cry cry*